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Edgebrands LLC needed an E-commerce middle-tier platform for letting staff responsible for making finance related decisions configure intermediary steps in payment processing.

An example of one such intermediary step would be detecting pre-paid debit cards and routing them to a different product, subscription, or set of merchant accounts in their payment processing system.

Another example would be associating specific sales and charges with PPA affiliate partners, so that payouts consistent with the traffic generated can be issued appropriately, and analytics reflecting affiliate conversion rates can be generated and visualized.

OfferSnap was built on Apache, MySQL, PHP, Laravel, Vue.js, the twitter bootstrap framework, and with an asset pipeline managed by gulp, webpack, and Laravel’s elixir.

OfferSnap.js – A companion project to OfferSnap, OfferSnap.js is a custom Javascript api library for quickly building and integrating wizard style front ends to OfferSnap as Javascript Single Page Applications. These are essentially landing pages to generate one item sales or subscription purchases, along with any upsells. Front ends are one off SPA’s built in either Backbone, Angular, or Vue.js.